Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A Plurality of Americans Think "creationism" Should Be Taught In Schools

More Americans "think" that fantastic ideas about sky gods, the white one I am sure, creating the cosmos should be taught in schools than not.

Iraq War More Costly Than Vietnam!

The Institute for Policy Studies calculates that the Iraq war is more costly than Vietnam.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

School's In

When I started this blog a while back I really thought that summer time would be peak season but I was 100% wrong in this prediction. As a teacher I have off July and August and my leisure lifestyle in these months slows and dulls my senses so fully that I become almost incapacitated. Not to say that I don't remain active it's just that the types of activities do not include blogging.
This summer most parts of the US welcomed me with open arms. The early summer found me in San Antonio for the AP grade. My next foray was to Madison for a week for a class on US History. LA and Laguna beach were the highlight with hiking in Vermont ending the summer march. I am still amzazed how cheap air fare is in this country and if you know people around the country traveling can be done very cheaply.
Looking forward to a prolific blogging school year. Peace out.