Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Are We All Guilty of Torture?

This article argues that in a democracy we are all responsible for the crimes of our nation. It also argues that the comments by Bush, the military tops and other politicos to the effect that the individuals who tortured and humiliated the Iraqi prisoners are abberations and are solely responsible for these crimes is false.

"But these photos are us. Yes, they are the acts of individuals (though the scandal widens, as scandals almost inevitably do, and the military's own internal report calls the abuse "systemic"). But armies are made of individuals. Nations are made up of individuals. Great national crimes begin with the acts of misguided individuals; and no matter how many people are held directly accountable for these crimes, we are, collectively, responsible for what these individuals have done. We live in a democracy. Every errant smart bomb, every dead civilian, every sodomized prisoner, is ours."

I reject this argument. This is a democracy? Hardley. I will not take responsibilty for these crimes. I opposed the war. Millions of others oppose this crime. Bush and his supporters are the one's who need to be held responsible for this and many other crimes. This article in a way seems radical but in actuality is an escape from responsibilty. It seems to say "sure these individuals did these horrible thing but we are all guilty because we made them do it." Bologna. If someone asked me to strip and humiliate NAZI's or Republicans in a prison camp I would not do it as a matter of conscience. I suspect millions of others would do the same.

I agree with his point that the pictures put an image to the war that is deserved. This war was a rape and humiliation of an entire people and these pictures are a fitting testimony to this horrible war.

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