Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The Good Die Young

Fascist globetrotter Pino lingers on into his 91st year. Could this be the end or does he have some Dorian Gray in him?


Anonymous said...

He's dead.

NPR Talk of the Nation did a curious, squirming segment where they appeared to be more concerned with how messed up the country was under Allende than with what Pinochet did.

It was strange, but not the first time TotN has seemed to bend over backwards to provide "balance." Still, more informative than most news sources.


anton said...

The Gjetlen piece seemed to go out of its way to seem balanced-pro fascist dictator v. democracy. The Elliot Abrams quote was the greatest though when he said, I paraphrase, "by the 1980's he (Pino) had outlived his usefulness, and we needed him to step aside." Kill a few thousand here, a few teachers, trade unionists and radical Christians there. You know how it goes!?

Anonymous said...

Their deaths were useful, I guess.

Abrams should be in jail. Instead he's what, making policy at the State Dpt. ? Something like that.

Only two more years 'til Obama gets elected and fixes everything.