Monday, April 30, 2007

The New Gilded Age

News of the Wierd
Chuck Sheperd
In findings that surely could be matched in the United States, the
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives reported that the country's
100 highest-paid business executives had, by 9:46 AM pn January 2, 2007,
earned an amount equal to what the average Canadian would earn in all
2007. And THE NEW YORK TIMES reported that Wall Street bonuses for 2006
were so large that one real estate broker complained about New York City's
shortage of $20 million properties and a Greenwich, CT [I lived there,
P.B.-S.] Ferrari dealer complained that Ferrari had'nt manufactured enough
599 GTB Fioranos (price about $250,000) to fill his customers' orders.

[Nota Bene: the story concerns "managers," not the ultimate owners or the
super-rich in the upper-class.]

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