Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I haven't seen the new Dylan movie but here's a review:

Looking back.

It riffs on the idea of originality.

Thomas Frank got me thinking about Dylan's "authenticity" a few years ago:

The conquest of cool.

Not saying I totally agree but not something in the Dylan context that I had not thought of before.


Anonymous said...

The CP review is ok. Is it really common for writers of that magazine to use the work 'fuck' so casually? Darn foul-mouthed kids these days.

The Thomas Frank thing, please. After the first four million words (and no pictures!*) I still hadn't found a reference to Dylan so I skimmed the rest, and found that he gripes about the early Dylan doing an "embarrassing" Woody Guthrie imitation.

Frank is an idiot, at least about popular music. Is there any singer who doesn't start out copying someone else? I know I wore my debt to Adam Ant on my puffy sleeve when I started out in Milwaukee.

I haven't seen the Dylan movie either, but I think the approach sounds very fitting. Dylan's music actually has a logical, linear evolution; but his public persona and his attitude toward "stardom" has been all over the place. It sounds to me like this movie "gets" Dylan in a way a standard biopic never could.


*most of my reading these days is of authors such as the immortal Sandra Boynton.
"And she just doesn't know. Should she stay? Should she go?"
It's right up there with Joyce.

anton said...

You mean Boynton is unreadable unless you are stoned on mesc?