Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Repubs Implode

The three legs of the Republican stool, the plutocracy, religious fanatics/bigots and imperialist/nationalists are moving in different directions and its fun to watch. For pure entertainment I am split, three ways, on who I would most enjoy as the Republican candidate. The plutocracy's man, Mitt Romney, keeps counting his silver and somehow thinks this is working for him. His quoffe and $4000 suits are a gay man's dream but christ, could this guy be more of a dick? Now, Nixon was probably the biggest phallus ever elected but he did have a populist appeal, so did Reagan, but Romney seems to wallow in his country club pedigree and gilded mic.
The imperialists's pilot, not shot down and tortured after New Hampshire, John "Hanoi Hilton" McCain, has never been so self-righteous and ready for blood as evidenced by last night's speech which was delivered in such as stilted way that I was surprised the grampa did not get noticed as a senior and questioned on it. And let us not forget the shrinking face in the crowd and my favorite candidate, in either party, Mike Huckabee. MH is the making of the last 30 years of fundi organizing in the party. The creationist/pro-life/gay hating fundis have wanted one of their own for years and they finally have him. The only problem is now the party that helped them coalesce is embarrassed that the good ol' boy's good ol' boy is getting tranction. The problem is that many of the fundis are in the working class and Huckabee is speaking their lingo as a right wing populist but the party's leaders most represent the corporate set. Fun stuff.

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