Monday, September 05, 2005

Veterans and Families Against the War

The Sheehan caravan stopped in Milwaukee today at the War Memorial. Powerful stuff. I have been to lots of anti-war rallies in Milwaukee over the last 20 years but this one truly had a different feel. Many of the usual suspects were there but the others were certainly a different flavor. The speakers also oozed legitimacy and eloquence. If this group does not jump start the anti-war movement I am not sure what will. US Out Now! Support the anti-war veterans and their families.


Rafael said...

on Katrina:

this article is in spanish from a guadalajara periodical i read from time to time. talks about cuba offering over a thousand medical personnel and tons of medical supplies and medicine to hurricane victims. the US has openly thanked and accepted worldwide support from the likes of EU states AND Bangladesh, one of the poorest and most flooded countries in the world. shows how cold the US is years after the official end of the cold war. this anti-cuba shit is really annoying, seeing as how i cannot visit my family there under the new laws. ive been watching the castro-chavez dynamic with optimism--waiting for an anti-Monroe Doctrine regional conglomerate. also looks like mexico has a chance at its first "leftist" in Obrador (translates to Laborer). AND i get to vote for his party in 2006 as a dual citizen..!

Land said...

What I think is interesting regarding Sheehan and her cohorts is how much promise and potential they had to become the spark of the anti-Iraq War movement. Yet she rattled off a few comments about Israel that the Democrats didn't like, so they basically repudiated her message entirely. You know how much news I read and I honestly haven't heard her name for almost 2 weeks, before I read your post. I'd like to see some sort of viable anti-war movement come about, but I don't think Cindy has accomplished it at this point.

By the way, what's your email address? I have a few things I'd like to send you.

anton said...