Thursday, May 11, 2006

Call or Email the Governor Today

From Voces de la Frontera


Call Governor Doyle. Ask him to veto SB567.

Madison Office: 1-608-266-1212
Milwaukee Office: 1-414-227-4344
Park Falls Office: 1-715-5900
Washington, D.C. Office: 1-202-624-5870
On May 4th 2006 the State of Wisconsin Assembly passed legislation which denies any form of public assistance to undocumented persons in the state.
The bill SB 567 originated in the Senate and was passed on February 23rd.
The attack on immigrants is rationalized by claiming that they are a drain on the economy.
In fact, each year immigrants EARN $240 billion,
PAY $90 billion in TAXES
RECEIVE $5 billion in WELFARE
SB 567 is on the Governor’s desk. Please call or e-mail today!

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