Tuesday, May 09, 2006

No Healthcare for the Poor

Another city hospital closes (at least the part that serves the poor) in the former brew city. St Michaels is part of the saintly Wheaton Franciscan order INC. (affiliated with Covenant Healthcare) that terrorized and hired a high-end/very expensive anti-union consultant to stop Housekeepers, CNA's, Phlebotomists and other $7/hr workers from gaining union representation 9 years ago at St Francis hospital on Milwaukee's southside (they won by the way).

This closing of in-patient and emergency services for mostly poor people on Milwaukee's northside was inevitable according to Milwaukee's leading paper. This in a city where the local elite closed the County Hospital promising that the city's indigent and poor would be served by the remaining facilities in their neighborhoods. This in a city where an all out propaganda offensive was undertaken because the poor owners of the local baseball team needed a new playground that cost hundreds of millions and counting. This in a city where the local paper supports tax give-aways to condominium/entertainment complexes and convention centers while at the same time condemning efforts at living wage efforts in county and city contracts.

We just can't afford the poor anymore people.

Here's a moderate plan for the liberals out there, I personally think we should nationalize the system, convert the VA system, one that works much more efficiently than the private sector, to a system that turns no one away given that the number of veterans is declining, oh wait we need to send more troops to Iraq, no Iran, no.....

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working for a new deal said...

It's wonderful system if you close your eyes pray.

Glad to see you talking about a critical local issue.