Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Election 2006

Democrats win despite running away from the major issue in the campaign: the war. The other major issue was corruption. Schizophrenic voters in Arizona became the first voters in the US to vote down a ban on gay marriage and civil unions while at the same time deciding to punish immigrant workers by denying them another set of benefits not banned previously and making them speaks god's language, English! I say god's language following a former Texas governor who once quipped, "if English is good enough for Jesus and the bible, it's good enough for me." South Dakotans joined Arizonans in rejecting some very reactionary legislation by voting down a Draconian abortion bill passed by the legislature that would have banned all abortions.

A major dissapointment here in Wisconsin as gay haters everywhere united to say yes to changing our constitution so that the sodomites, I guess the yes voters are not having any kind of sex besides that which is holy?, cannot have the right to patriarchy's crowning achievemnt, marriage. Across the country it is amazing that we now have in the documents that are supposed to define our equality and limit the power of government over the individual-at least in theory-language that creates second class citizens. The gay rights movement needs to now re-think their electoral strategy and take a page from the civil rights movement and take to the streets. Equality now for all!

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