Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The Legacy of 1979 and the FSLN

As someone who felt personally crushed with the defeat of the FSLN in the Nicaraguan elections of 1990 yesterday's presidential results come as bitter sweet.
Given the FSLN's shift to the right the legacy of the party now seems to be the ending of the US backed Somoza family dictatorship and the implementation of a liberal democracy. Certainly a far cry from the revolutionary goals of Carlos Fonseca and the other heroes of the revolution that died in the struggle but a significant gain nonetheless.
Given the functioning democracy in Nicaragua as a result of the FSLN, which the US opposed by the way, if you hadn't noticed, it is even more appalling that the US now wants to punish the Nicaraguan people by threatening to cut off aid as a result of the election. Particularly given that the US has punished this tiny country for at least 150 years for trying to maintain its independence and dignity, which has led to war and sanctions that now rank Nicaraguans as poor as the average Haitian.

Viva Sandino! Patria Libre O Morir!

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