Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Modern Mukrakers

Here's the headline from yesterday's Milwaukee Jenitel: Sick Day Perk Found Locally. This ground breaking story from their crack "watchdog" department, which depended on 3 journalists, exposed how the bloated public sector is once again bilking the taxpayer, how? by getting paid for not taking sick days and in lieu of this taking less than the pay they would have received for working that day. Now let's think of a few ways the story could have been pitched differently? Here's a few ideas for headlines that might have been more appropriate:

Local Public Employees Save Taxpayer Monies By Taking Fewer Sick Days

Most Workers in Area Lack Sick Pay Benefits

Local Employers Fall Behind Public Sector in Sick Leave

Unions Needed as Private Sector Falls Behind Public Sector Once Again

Are Private Employers Forcing Workers to Work When They Are Sick?

Editor of Journal Sentinel Once Again Pitches Anti-Union/Anti-Public Sector Position to Curry Favor with Suburban Rush Limbaugh Set

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