Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Social Democracy is not Enough!

Simmering just below France's welfare state is the racial/ethnic question that the dominant French society is not willing to tackle. Free health care and education, strong labor laws, modest vacation laws and generous unemployment will not solve all of your problems if the market still divides and ideologically the society is not willing to take head on issues of underdevelopment within. If for decades whole populations are discarded, segregated and neglected it is more expensive to educate, re-train and bring up to speed these groups not less. A lesson for the liberals in this country indeed. Just getting more funding for schools, by the way not a demand in this state, is not enough. Just asking politely for a single payer system, not on the platform of any of the Democratic contenders, is not going to solve the health care crisis given that private interests will still control production. Just asking the state to re-train workers, some Democrats tread in these murky waters of Bolshevism, will make no difference if the industry people are trained for have skedaddled to the South , West or Far East. Social democracy is only the beginning, certainly not the end.

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