Monday, August 06, 2007

Kopi Luwak

In an effort to distinguish itself from the crowd in late capitalism the plutocracy must seek wider and wider not only geographically but alas intestinally. Yes, the fruits of the bowls are now being mined for the most unique, and expensive, coffee in the world the elusive Kopi Luwak. Now you may ask what makes this coffee so unique that it could be sold for $50 a cup? The answer my friends is that it first is "passed" through the system of the Asian Palm Civet, a cat like beast that for some reason eats coffee beans. Yes my fellow plebes if you want to be in the elite and feed your addiction in the morning a poor Indonesian must first sort through the scat of the lowly Civet. I'm sure Richie Rich rarely spares his fellow breakfast mate the story of how the bean traveled to his table.

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