Friday, August 03, 2007

Stories from the Plutocracy

While liberals argue over which country in Asia to bomb and whether or not Michael Moore is nice enough the discrepancy in wealth in the United States has returned to 1920's levels. Below are a few stories about how the super-rich are handling their new ill gotten gain. By the way most of the wealth "created" in the last 20 years or so is not from actual capital (things) but made from selling services, financial and otherwise, and through the massive inflation in real estate.

One personal note: I was at a seminar at Columbia U. this July and one noticeable phenomena on the upper West side and in Central Park I couldn't help notice were the hundreds of nanny's, seemingly mostly women from Latin America, taking care of the children of the super-rich. Not something I had noticed in Gotham in the past.

By the Numbers

Forbes gloats about things billionaires can buy after they get tired of shopping or can't think of anything else to but.

Toys of the Super-rich

NPR is looking for a camp for the young of the rico nuevo.

Camp Teaches Newly Rich how to Manage Money

The Super-rich Are Out of Sight

by Michael Parenti

New York Magazine

Don't Hate Them Because They Are Rich

The Washington Post

The Forbes 400 are all Billionaires

The Wall Street Journal travels to

By the way there are over 500 billionaires in the US.

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