Thursday, November 15, 2007

The East is Red

Went to the Milwaukee Bucks/Memphis Grizzlies basketball game last night. The Bucks have recently acquired Chinese sensation Yi Jianlin who is a huge star in China. Beyond his play, he's pretty good, the most incredible occurrence of the evening was presence of the crimson banner of Chinese communism in the crowd. Handed out prior to the game, the golden star of Chairman Mao's vanguard and the supporting cast of workers, intellectuals, peasants and progressive bourgeoisie were waved with glee by the proletariat and assorted petty middling classes of Milwaukee.

Harry and Lynde Bradley ,the game was at the Bradley Center, would be proud.


chris said...

ah, i was hoping the joe mccarthy comment would have made it in here!

anton said...

The Bradley's loved "Tailgunner Joe" but I thought the McCarthy point too obvious.