Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Le douche

Douche-bags are an underapreciated entity these days. Living in the Midwest I can attest. Our snark, boorishness and condescension can only take us so far professionally so we need other outlets of self-aggrandizement, and let's not leave out megalomania. In an effort to celebrate the d-b the Red and the Black has started a new feature: Le douche. Le douche will celebrate all aspects of la universidad that is doucheiness. The opening salvo in Le douche will be dedicated to a trifecta of doucheiocity, the three people of late that make me think "Summers Eve:"

I. Matt Cale

This guy has some problems, with women that is.* That being said he is a brilliant social observer, writer and film critic.

II. Maddox

Maybe the Provost of Douche-Bag University?

III. J.F. Page

More on this guy.

Not an original yes, but nonetheless...

*A common affliction of douche bags.

1 comment:

Rafael said...

The last guy is just a lame patrick bateman wannabe. I see him failing at murdering a prostitute with a chainsaw in the future.