Wednesday, April 07, 2004


The Iraq occupation has clearly moved to another level this week as Robert Fisk describes in this report. In 1920 the British took three years to unite the Sunni and Shia, it took the US around one states Fisk. I think this proposition too strong from everything I have read. Enough Shia still want the US to stabilize things until they can take control when and if the US leave. But if the US is seen as unable to achieve at least stability, which more and more seems the case, then the Shia will dump them as quick as a hot pebble in Mecca during the Hajj!

Another important point brought up recently by Rashid Khalidi is that the much ballyhooed June deadline for a US withdrawal is much ado about nothing given that the US will have installed the new regime and that the US will retain indefinitely the largest embassy in the world in Iraq to "manage" affairs there.

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