Monday, April 26, 2004

Why Does Bush Still Have Support On Iraq?

The question of how Bush can still have support on Iraq given he lied, it's a unmitigated disaster, and there is no light at the end of the tunnel baffles me. Three ideas are out there that seem plausible.

1. People in the United States for the most part are gullible fools who for the most part are just plain ignorant on issues concerning the rest of the world. Exhibit A: MOST AMERICANS STILL THINK THERE ARE WMD's AND SADDAM IS LINKED TO AL-QUEDA AND 9/11 (see this report from the U. of Maryland).

2. There is no alternative put forward by the "opposition." Kerry's plan is more troops.

3. If people in the US admit that the policy is now a failure they have to admit that they made a mistake in supporting Bush et al to begin with. They can't do this now particularly now that hundreds of US soldiers have died (I would mention Iraqis here but most US citizens could care less about them). This is why Bush is going to win. This idea comes from Joshua Micah Marshall.

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