Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Gimme Pennebaker

Watched Gimme Shelter last night and was transfixed. The "documentary" follows, sometimes-there are lots of flash backs/flash forwards, the Stones 1969 tour and the ill-fated Altamon free concert of 300,000 4 months after Woodstock. It's incredible. I've been to lot's of outdoor concerts and seen some violence at them. This film truly gives one the feel. I can't wait to show parts of it to my students. I remember wathing it in HIGH School, if you know what I mean.

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edk said...

May I suggest "Grey Gardens" by these same filmakers. It is a documentary about two crazy shoestring relatives of Jackie Kennedy. They are a mother and daughter who live in a dilapidated mansion with several cats and some whopping psychosis. My favorite line of dialogue: "The cat is going to the bathroom behind my portrait." Really hard to watch and really facinating.