Monday, March 21, 2005

The New New McCarthyism and Its Causes

Russell Jacoby on the cry baby sore winner right wing on campus and their original snob/rat William F Buckley. I have read Russell Jacoby's, The End of Utopia, worth the price of admission.

"Conservatives seem little interested in exploring the political orientation of engineering professors or biogeneticists. The more important the field, in terms of money, resources and political clout, the less conservatives seem exercised by it. At many universities the medical and science buildings, to say nothing of the business faculties or the sports complexes, tower over the humanities. I teach at UCLA. The history professors are housed in cramped quarters of a decaying Modernist structure. Our classiest facility is a conference room that could pass as generic space in any downtown motel. The English professors inhabit what appears to be an aging elementary school outfitted with minuscule offices. A hop away is a different world. The UCLA Anderson School of Management boasts its own spanking-new buildings, plush seminar rooms, spacious lecture halls with luxurious seats, an "executive dining room" and--gold in California--reserved parking facilities. Conservatives seem unconcerned about the political orientation of the business professors. Shouldn't half be Democrats and at least a few be Trotskyists?"

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Chris said...

Is any Liberal Arts major FORCED to take a business or economics class?
Some of us on the right are just annoyed at the leftover Left-wing pseudo-intellectual fluff (hello, Communication Studies majors!!) that we are REQUIRED to take as part of the general ed/transfer curriculum.
Of course, one major reason why I took a right turn some 4 years ago was because my left-wing sympathies were ever-gradually worn down by hard-line Stalinist professors and their ridiculously over-the-top, tangential rants.
I do have to agree with PJ O'Rourke, though, that the crappy, post-modern/deconstructionist "ideas" that we encounter in college prepares us for dealing with them in the real world.