Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Winning, Winning, Winning!

What did Goebbles say about repetition? I heard much of this press conference with the General. He probably said "winning" 234 times. But at the same time he said the violence was at the same level as last year! US Out Now!


IFStone said...

If it's the same press conference I heard, the general at one point said, "yes we're winning, and we've been winning for some time."

A more perfect Vietnam flashback, you could not ask for.

I posted on it on my blog,

Ok to self-promote here?

anton said...

Yes, unless you promote imperialist running dogs like Thomas Freidmaan.

IFStone said...

Don't worry. Even I have soured on Freidman. He was just here in Mpls, by the way. The local NPR station treated it like the 2nd Coming. I guess he was originally from the area, so that may explain it.