Thursday, April 07, 2005

Eduard Shevardnadze Impoverished, Can't Pay His Bills, Booh Fucking Hoo!

Former dismantler of equality and dictator of Georgia can't pay his electricity bill. Well maybe there is some justice in the world! Now maybe he is getting a taste of the disaster for much of humanity that is the former Soviet Union and other socialist countries of eastern Europe. Pensioners eating from garbage dumps, declining life expectancy, lack of employment and education for most, rampant inequality, war, general social malaise as the former states are transformed into bastions of criminality and cleptocracy. I think the NY Times missed this part of "freedom on the march."

Here's a "balanced" report from UNICEF on the social indicators from 1989 to 1999.


OscarTate said...

I love this one from the report you linked to: There has been a "return of 'poverty diseases,' almost eradicated before reform" the authors report. This kind of language is interesting -- poverty diseases, they call them. (Or, from, elsewhere, that the cause of the problem with Russia is easy to see -- poverty.) Yet they rarely make the leap that poverty and so-called "reform" might be linked. If they do, it is to suggest that some tweaking of the system might help. Folks seem to treat economic problems as if they were a force of nature. I love discussion of the economic climate -- climate!?!!? Hilarious. That's like standing under a ladder while watching as a guy dumps water on your head and then saying it's raining.

It's kind to say that most commentators have ideological blinders on -- a more apt analogy would be to Oedipus gouging out his eyes, except that he had the decency at least to stop fucking his mother. (Maybe that last one doesn't work)


anton said...

This is why I put quotes on the balance of this report. UNICEF has a contituency to answer to, corrupt plutocrats, they need to balance the idea that lots of people are dying young, getting sick, not getting an education, etc... because neo-liberalism is all the rage. Historically speaking we will see this for what it is, a human catastrophe!