Friday, September 15, 2006

Calling the Kettle

Pope "I can't remember what I did during WWII" Benedict quotes another poobah as saying Mohamed brought only "evil and inhuman" things to the world. True, but this from a guy who represents an organization that shared power with almost every venal European empire and government for at least 1400 years, spearheaded a conquest or Crusade that killed thousands,

opposed any scientific inquiry and independent thinking stunting human development for hundreds of years, owned much of the land of Europe while millions toiled and died of starvation while a rapacious ruling elite lived like....well kings, including Popes, bishops and other rogues, spearheaded a pogrom called the Inquisition, condoned colonialism, perpetuated the idea of the murder of their god (Jesus), or at least a third of it, was killed by Jews and thus helping create the viscous pogroms that climaxed in the Holocaust; which the church remained silent on during key moments during WWI, has continued (until only a few months ago) its, dare I say immoral, position on contraception that has sentenced millions to an excrutiating death by complications from the AIDS virus,

has maintained the position of the "immoral" nature of oral, anal and any other sex not sanctioned by the celibate ones creating conditions for LBGT people and women dominated by pious men that has led to third class citizenship and violence against the majority......

Here's the text of the speech.

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