Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Democracy, Shemocracy!

Where's the outrage? The democratically elected government of Thailand is overthrown and not a peep from London, Washington, the Washington Post, etc... This guy was a left wing populist who has won three elections. The middle classes and ruling elite and their allies in Washington didn't like him because he funneled the largesse of the state to the rural poor. Millionaire populist yes, but democratically elected. Just like in Venezuela, they believe in deomcracy when it suits their interests, that's all.

Liberal populist and liberal democracy overthrown in Thailand. And the West yawns.


Anonymous said...

I am usually not on board with much of the media critiques on this site, but I do admit to being taken aback with the media coverage of this coup. It's as you say, the media has mostly yawned.

I even heard the Talk of the Nation (NPR) people kind of snickering about it. At least that's what it sounded like to me. Oh, those Southeast Asian coups! They almost look like real soldiers in their tanks and whatnot. Adorable.

They made a big deal about how this was a "bloodless" coup. (So far) Well, sure, it beats the other kind, but it's still a coup! Democracy thwarted! Don't we invade countries for that?

Did you see the picture of Chavez at the UN, waving around a Noam Chomsky book? Now THAT was funny.


anton said...

El Diablo es en la Casa Blanca. Lee Noam Chomsky! Hasta La Victoria Siempre!

Now that's better than shoe pounding anyday of the week. At least the new century has a sense of humor!

I will still take Che and 1, 2, 3 more Vietnams though.

El Chris

anton said...

Damn NPR reporters were CHUCKLING AGAIN this morning when they were talking about the coup in Thailand. They had someone on who said the prime minister was anti-democratic so this is actually a step forward. I haven't heard them quote one person who is against the coup. Are they just talking to business fat cats, or was he really unpopular? I guess if his base was the poor in the countryside, it would be more difficult to get their take. Still, I would like to hear the other side. To be honest, I haven't put a lot of work into finding stories on this, so maybe the reporting is out there and I just haven't worked hard enough to find it.


anton said...

The above post belongs to IFS via email.


Anonymous said...

Shemocracy?! What is that, some damn feminist clap-trap supporting a women's democracy?!

J Daddy

anton said...

Hey macho,

Here at The Red and the Black we stick to herstory, got it? Rambo!