Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Real Affirmative Action

How the Ivy League schools keep the ruling class ruling.


Rafael said...

Ok Mr. Fons, I have to weigh in on this one. First o ff, the only time Brown was mentioned in this article was not in respect to Latinos, Indians, Brown Asians, and Indigenous peoples, but about Brown University. But assuming this White-Black-Yellow paradigm in the US, there is cause for resentment from all those applicants to higher level schools that feed into the most important public and pricate institutions later on on Wall Street, in Hospitals, elected offices and so forth that do not have a wealthy or famous genes. There is this kid at my school for instance, whom I played club soccer with. He had barely graduated from HS in Westchester and was admitted into one of the tougher colleges at my school. His dad of course had bought him an SUV lexus and anything else in life he wanted because he is very rich and powerful. Quickly it became apparent that he liked to party, especially in the frat known as Theta Drug (Theta Delta Chi). Where is he now?? Back in Westchester sitting at home overcoming an unintellectual coke habit.

One of my best friends, of course named Ben Stein, lives in a Browston in Manhattan a few blocks from the Met. His dad used to be the President of Philips North America. This kid hoewever, scored a 1600 on his SATs and has an extremely proficient mind. He studies Fine Arts and where's the least pretentious clothes you can imagine, i.e. sweatpants full of paint and random tshirts. Naturally though, he went to a Jew Prep SChool in Manhattan and according to him, was one of the "poorer" kids in his class. Also his father, rightly so, said he would not leave Ben, all of his wealth as inheritence because he wants to proactively instill a meritocratic quality in him.

What am I tired of seeing at Cornell?? Uh, $400 Chanelle (Spelling??--dontcare) Sunglasses on cloudy days. Um, loserass frat boys that couldnt drop an ounce of wisdom on you, not even for gallons of Milwaukee's Best.

My school needs more innercity folks. People first need to know about the good schools that have lots of money so they can apply to them. I bet only a few people at Riverside can count off all 8 Ivies. The Ivy thing, let me say too, is bullshit. YEs, we have a great library system and our professors are competent (for the most part), but as with any label, it means nothing without an active display of what the name is supposed to represent.

I just got back from a Tool concert in Camden, NJ and I haven't been home since last yesterday morning so I'm going to go home and sleep now. Then do homework (yes, on a friday afternoon), and go to a lecture this student group i work for is presenting on the prison industrial complex. The lecturer: none other than the militant (has AK tattoo spanning fron torso) M-1 from the 'underground' politically savvy hip hop group, Dead Prez.

The legacy thing is huge

As this article points out,

Rafael said...

damn, looks like I had more to say. "As this article points out.."

I really want to stress the getting-riverside-students-to-apply-out-of-state thing. I like seeing a lot of Tuuskeegee, Howard and Tennesse State University acceptance letters on the 2nd floor in front of the offices butit would be great to see the breadth of those schools increased.