Thursday, October 26, 2006

All Out for Novemeber 7!

A short Q&A, brought to you by the folks at Fair Wisconsin.

Q: Can we defeat the civil unions and marriage ban?

A: Yes. To do so we must get the tens of thousands of people who have already said they will vote "No" to turnout at their polling places on Election Day.

Q: How do we do that?

A: In the last four days of the election, we need to fill thousands of volunteer canvassing and phone shifts. Please sign up here for as many shifts as you can:

Q: But is doing this really enough to win?

A: Absolutely. Because it's not a presidential election year, only about 40% of eligible voters get out to vote. But if we meet our volunteer goals, we can have face-to-face conversations with thousands of potential voters to remind them to vote on Election Day. If we do, we can increase turnout by several percentage points, which would be enough to win.

Q: How many volunteers do we need?

A: In Dane County alone, we need to fill over 6,000 shifts. And we need thousands more for Milwaukee and the rest of the state. Please sign up here:

Q: But I don't like knocking on doors.

A: Hey, that's not a question! But canvassing for GOTV is different than the canvassing we've been doing. We've already identified the "No" voters, we just need you to get them to the polls.

Q: Will we really be the first state to defeat a ban like this?

A: We really will be. No other state has defeated one of these at the ballot box. This is our chance to make history and to show the nation the tide is turning.

Please sign up today and ask your friends to join us as we get out the vote:

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