Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Cheney Says Iraqi Violence Linked to US Mid-Term Election

Doubtful. It is not that the Iraqi resistance is not sophisticated but other developments seem to explain the high level of death including Bush Administration concerns about the mid-term elections.
For the Bushies the key to Iraq is Baghdad. In the last few months as the election loomed and events in the capitol city continued to decline the Pentagon put forward a plan called Operation Forward Together launched in June. This plan along with an effort to retake the city of Ramadi in Anbar Province has led to US soldiers leaveing the "comfort" of the Green Zone and showing a very heavy presence in Baghdad in particular. Recently a US soldier was captured, they say kidnapped in the media-not sure why?, and this had led to even more dangerous missions for US troops as they now need to go door to door in areas previously off limits.
Cheney is trying to give excuses to the flac catchers at Fox News so that they can spin the carnage before the election. Don't buy it. The US is losing in Iraq and they will eventually withdraw with a military dictatorship in place. The future is very bleak for the Iraqi people for sure.
Mission Accomplished!


T. Anton said...

I don't even understand Cheney's point. Is he saying that the insurgents are fighting extra hard to make the invaders look bad during election time? Where does one go with that information? Isn't the insurgent's goal always to make the hegemonic invader look bad? I'm genuinely confused about why this is news.

anton said...

He's saying that the Democrats are aiding and abetting the Islamo-fascist/Al-Queda/Jihadi/Bathist/Mehdiite terrorists. And you should vote for the troops/Republican party/ the only true three headed christian god and family values otherwise you are going to burn in Hades for eternity!