Tuesday, February 27, 2007

BBC Story Stresses "Cost" of Dementia to Taxpayers

Check out this article. I think this journalist must be on loan from the Economist! I count 11 references to how this will be a burden on the taxpayer.


Anonymous said...

Great another sickness I think I have!

OscarTate said...

This is distressing news. A society is going to have to bear the costs of feeding and caring for its people. How can we stop it? I think we should just "eliminate" those with dementia and grind them up into gruel -- a kind of soilant(?) green solution. We could put our young marketing geniuses to work "re-branding" the elderly and selling them to that ever important 18-34 demographic. Yeah baby. Get Demented! The new power drink of the ages! Too rough? Maybe. Let's just stick to putting dollar signs on human beings.