Wednesday, February 14, 2007

City of Clay?

Mike Davis, "Marxist" academic that supports the Democratic party, has written some great books on LA, imperialism and megacities. I was just doing a little rooting around and found this critique in Salon.


mike davis said...

I will leave it your own judgment whether the attack on me years ago in Salon, by someone who lives in Malibu, has any merit. But please be informed that I have never supported the Democrats (you can see my attack on their recent politics in the latest New Left Review). I keep a portrait of Durutti not Hilary Clinton on my desk.

best - mike daiv

anton said...

I got my information about Mike Davis and the Democrats from an article in Counterpunch awhile back. I think it had to do with the Nader campaign. I will look it up. If not I stand corrected. By Mike Davis himself?

anton said...

In the Counterpunch that one gets in the mail there was article entitled:

Mike Davis Won't You Please Calm Down!; California's Cataclysmicist Running Scared

2003 (not sure which issue October maybe?)

I think this is where I got the information about his support of the Dems. Maybe in the California race or Kerry? Not sure. Here's a link to his piece in NLR on the Democrats after the fall elections.

The Democrats after November:

OscarTate said...

I remember this hit-piece. I recall reading some response of Davis to
it. He handled himself pretty well. I suspect that the author of this
review of Davis's critics -- not a review of the book -- hasn't read the
books under attack, or does not know how to read books like this. I
suspect that some of the others haven't quite got around to it either.
Frankly, they seem to miss the point. There's a point at which the
author complains about Davis's mistaking of a Christian for a Jewish
man, and then comments, in parentheses, something like "Davis says he
has admitted the mistake." We can't even hear that he admits a mistake
-- only that he claims that he has admitted it. How unwilling do you
have to be to cut a guy some slack to write a sentence like that?
Davis: I made a mistake
Reviewer: Aha! Prove that you admit the mistake you just admitted to!
Davis: Are you a Dada-ist?

And go take a look at Bunker Hill -- without a car -- and tell me
whether it is closer to Davis's description, or if it's the great Latino
gathering and mingling place this author suggests. I suppose some of
this is a matter of taste in architecture, but Davis can't be so easily


OscarTate said...

Sorry I posted my comment twice --I figured I already screwed up, so I will make a third comment apologizing for the mistake. Some might claim that I am claiming to apologize, but let me say right now that I am apologizing.

Oh, and pick up Late Victorian Holocausts.