Saturday, February 17, 2007

The Tortured Logic of Liberal Imperialists

Take a look at this article by Harold Meyerson on how Hillary Clinton is the Edmund Muskie of the 2008 presidential election. Here's what he says of Hillary on Iraq:

"She opposes the U.S. military presence in Iraq but not with the specificity, fervor or bona fides of her leading Democratic rivals."

Here's how HC "opposes the the US military presence in Iraq...":

*She voted for the war
*She has never voted against one dollar for the war
*She has never oppossed the appointment of Generals, State Department, intelligence or any other executive branch nominees
*She opposes immediate withdrawal
*She has tried to position herself as the "moderate" on the issue to keep the internationalist component of the party as well as the Zionist Hawks happy

With this record how can Meyerson seriously claim that HC opposes the war? I propose he really knows this but like many in the pundit class or politicos in general we want our horse or our ideas to triumph so we massage the ideas to suit our desires. Nothing new here but as we watch the weekly news programs or Fox or CNN we accept the nimble ideologue (journalists included) as the norm. If we reach outside the parameters we are not called back to give our thoughts on this or that.

Hillary was for the war. She voted for it and its continuation in every fashion. She has a problem because everyone knows this but they like power and like Bill they know that she will do anything possible to gain the prize except maintain some principled position on anything.

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