Tuesday, March 30, 2004


Just back from 5 days in the bay area. Some observations. Weather wise I see the draw. Traffic wise I do not. Sprawl, sprawl, sprawl. Cheap housing at outrageous prices. My brother lives in Davis, a university town with lots of strong zoning laws, around 70 miles north of San Francisco. Houses start in the early $300,000's. I was looking at the median prices in the bay area, all were over $400,000! Not new news I know but how do people live? Sprawl, sprawl, sprawl.

It would be nice to have a well written muckraking journal like the Guardian in Milwaukee. The Shepard is a schmiberal rag these days with very little hard hitting and quality writing. The letters to the editor alone told the story for me.

Like many large cities SF actually has cheap, high quality food. You can pay any amount for anything there. Fisherman's Wharf is a minor Wisconsin Dells/Branson, MO, what were they thinking? Was this Williy Browne's doing? I think it was before his time.

United Airlines sucks.

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