Monday, March 15, 2004

Victoria or blackmailia?

This may seem an odd post coming from me but the victory for the Socialists in Spain is to say the least bittersweet. Aznar and his band of neo-Phalangists deserved a defeat and a trial but it kind of looks like the crazed jihadists got just what they wanted on this one. Are these characters going to be players in elections now? This has seriously negative consequences. In Israel the Likudists pretty much bank on a killing before a key election or peace negotiation, I am sure the right in Europe and the US will figure out how to play that game pretty quick. Hell, they already do in a way with the perpetual "war on terror" and all.
I know the parallels are not exactly there but here is the scenario for Blair now, hype terrorism all the way to re-election. They know it's a double edge sword but enough people will not want the Tories and enough people will vote for Blair because he is fighting the "war on terror" for our protection etc... And then boom the bomb will go off in Piccadilly Square.

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