Thursday, March 18, 2004

The Double Standard

Colin "don't go there" Powell is visiting Pakistan this week. He wants to show support for his ally in "THE WAR ON TERROR." Last time I checked the US claimed it supported democracy, secularism, and non-proliferation and just fought a war in the name of these ideas. So why then does the US support General Pervez Musharraf, the President of Pakistan, who overthrew the democratic government of the country, supported the Taliban in Afghanistan and allies with the government more than any other that is responsible for selling nuclear technology to many of the so-called enemies of the United States? Because at this moment they need this ally. They call it Realpolitik, we call it hypocrisy and lies.

Many of you have probably seen the latest international poll on the decline in the view of the US internationally. This among many other issues is why people have a dim view of our leaders.

Kerry will change this only to the extent that he will attempt to get other imperialist governments to share the responsibility of policing the world so that trans-nationals can come and go as they please around the world. People who are voting for JFK must think of this because terrorism, occupation, and poverty will remain widespread if either Bush or Kerry are re-elected or elected.

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