Friday, March 12, 2004

Hitchens and The Peasant

Friday, March 12, 2004
Last night Christopher Hitchens was on Scarborough and boy were those religious freaks irate. I was really suprised they had him on. He explained to the blow dried Scarborough that Mel Gibson had been watching too many Leni Riefenstahl movies and has listened to his holocaust denying father too much and that his film was treading in the old time jew hating of the middle ages.

He seemed happy that most of the young boys (the dominant demographic for the film) going to the Passion were missing the simple, not so, sub-text (what's above that again?) of jew hating. Hitchens also mused about the homo eroticism and sado masochism of the film.

A truely enjoyable interview wherein he called Gibson a fascist a peasant and and old fashion medievalist. It was just fun to see an athiest on. I would posit that the only way that he got on was because of his pro-war and anti-abortion positions.


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