Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Alito: Reactionary

The Nation's view.

To the right of Scalia?

I can't remember the Alumni organizations I was in. Hugh? Anyone not know what organizations they are a member of?


Anonymous said...

this guy is a bigger cocksucker than lewinsky. do they teach how to answer simple questions in princeton?

it hurts when he talks.

anton said...

This week Chuck Schumer asked Alito about the 14 Amendment. (I paraphrase) Does it protect people who are born in the US whose parents are illegals? I can't comment on this case. Schumer then asked about Plessy, Brown and a number of other cases and specific amendments relating to equal protection for people born in the US, he commented on them but when it came to issues that were controversial or where he has extreme views, he would not comment. This guy will be in the mold of Scalia, scary.

Transcripts of the hearings: