Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Unintended Consequences Revisited

The outcome in Iraq is in no uncertain terms decided but at this point the Jihadis certainly do seem to have the upper hand, both Sunni and particularly Shia. I don't think that this is the prefered outcome of US policy but they seem to be less worried about them then they ever were about the communist or even left nationalist regimes. US policy in the Arab/Muslim world has had the effect of putting Jihadis in power or at least significantly strengthening their hand because the left nationalists and other secularists have been exterminated or are rotting in some dungeon somewhere. In Iran, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and now Iraq it looks like US policy has gotten out of control and the result has been a boon for the suicide cult.

Here's a short essay by Patrick Cockburn on the current moves by Iran in Iraq and how US policy may have strengthened the most reactionary elements in Iran.

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