Saturday, January 14, 2006


QT has always made me gag. His incessant pop culture references which are supposed to make you feel "in"/hip, out right theft of ideas and styles and most importantly glib, no endorsement of, the idea that psychotic violence is funny. His impact has been so pervasive that now when a midget kills a rival in a recent showing of the Chronicles or Narnia (no Lord of the Rings by the way) the audience hoots with laughter and joy.
Now Matt Cale is a true misanthrope and misogynist but he really has QT's number here in this review of Kill Bill Vol. I.

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Anonymous said...

First of all, he is gay. We can assume that because his first name starts with Q. Second of all the only reason the Bush administration has not persecuted him for being gay is that he has helped the shoddy economy. Other than these irately red-neck comments, I do think that he celebrates and uses violence, or the image of violence ,to sell his movies, and because of, and for that, he will, due to the circular ways of the universe, suffer all the creativity he has succesfully spawned on the populace.