Sunday, January 28, 2007

Fat Chicks

Serena Williams, winner of the Australian Open, has received lots of attention this week not only because of her unexpected win but because of her weight/body shape. The topic was omni-present in all coverage. The Williams sisters have allways been difficult for the dominant media, not because of their success and skill which seems easily accepted and marketed, but because of their looks. Physically stunning and beautiful they do not conform to standard body images. The black women who have made it to the top as beauties, Vanessa Williams, Halle Barry, Naomi Cambell or Tyra Banks among others have had less attention paid to their body shapes because they conform to the current Cosmo/Hollywood beauty myth.

You be the judge. Is this a fat person?

Read here about "Straightjackets of Beauty."

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the queen said...

Mel & I were talking about this just the other night. I've always admired that black culture supports their stars that are "overweight". But probably, that "overweight" is normal-sized for the rest of us.