Monday, January 08, 2007

Santa is in the House

The top 5 Wall Street firms will give out bonuses between $36-44 BILLION* this holiday season! This along with Robert Nardelli's $210 million golden parachute as well as other obscenities from the cleptocracy have brought howls from the likes of the New York Times, NPR and other liberal organs. This at a time when real wages are on the decline and services in the public sector continue to be slashed in the name of fiscal responsibility.

The problem from this vantage point is similar to the above mentioned on the war. Liberal flak and even some Republican populists gnash the teeth on a regular basis but when it comes to actually confronting these issues-free trade, Wall Street and corporate largesse-the NY Times/NPR/Democratic Party leadership and supporters tack in the opposite direction. This is why a principled left party is needed here that can regularly advocate positions on the abolition of wage-slavery, nationalization of key industries, a socialized health and education system, a real Social Security/pension system. This way the rad/lib group can choose between a party that actually helps maintain a conservative system and one that will act as a catalyst for real social change.

*An estimate from the Center for Labor Market Studies at Northeastern.

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