Thursday, January 25, 2007

Out Now!

From a local teacher:

Dear friends,

I urge you to come to Friday's rally against the war sponsored by Milwaukee Veterans for Peace. Many Americans voiced their opposition to war in the elections last November and continue to do so in opinion polls.

It's time for us to do all within our power -- voting, contacting elected officials and the media, talking with friends, family and colleagues, and attending rallies for peace. I know some Milwaukeeans are heading for the national march on Washington this weekend and I wish them good luck. I hope those of us who are not going to Washington DC will show up on:

Friday night at 5:00 PM at
Milwaukee City Hall
in the Rotunda
Wells and Water St

The demands of the rally are:
Bring the Troops Home!
Stop Funding the War!

Recently my fifth graders figured out that on a daily basis "our" government spends approximately $265,000,000 million a DAY of our tax dollars on this war. This huge figure most children -- and most adults -- can't even imagine. To see what this means in concrete terms visit
Obviously the huge waste of financial resources is only one reason to oppose a war that has taken the lives of over 3000 US military personnel and tens of thousands of Iraqis, and has increased the danger of anti-US terrorism.

I urge you to take your family, your friends, yourself to the rally this Friday.

For more information contact Milwaukee Veterans for Peace 414-760-9991

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