Thursday, May 12, 2005

Arnold's Mixed Bag of "Reform"

It looks like the governor of California is going to call for a special election for his "reforms." He got rid of his idea to privatize the pension system but is still moving forward on his attack on public employee unions (he wants members to have to OK any political spending on dues-a classic anti-union tactic to lessen union power), a move to make it more difficult for teachers to get tenure, and a scheme to change the partisan role of reapportionment of representative districts. Most of these ideas I steadfastly oppose but the last one is a great idea in my mind. Of all the major reforms that can really make a difference in this country I think taking redistricting away from the Democrats and Republicans could probably have the most far reaching effect. This will only occur if the hacks that are picked are not that, hacks. But our entire system would be a lot more democratic if we could change the power of the Dempublicans to protect their incumbents.

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