Friday, May 27, 2005

Vote Non!

The French vote on the EU constitution tommorow. I would vote no.

I think the idea of devolution of the state and internationalism is a great idea, this constitution only slightly moves in that direction. The welfare state is what is at stake in this vote. If Europeans embrace this current model they will look a lot more like the US and Canada in 30 years because of the ease of capital to move where it wants to. The new constitution could more progressively look to lift the entire social wage but instead it mostly tries to liberalize capital and labor markets which will have the effect of undermining the most advanced social democratic states like Sweden, Denmark and France.


Muddz said...

You know as well as I do that capitalism upholds the notion of 'democracy' provided voting produces a result favourable to capitalism. And if the result is unfavourable, then further ballots are held until the people vote 'the correct way' - just as happened when the Irish rejected the Nice Treaty and the Danes voted against the Maastricht Treaty.
If either the French (on Saturday) or the Dutch (on Tuesday) reject the EU Constitution it will be considered to be an ignorant decision and another ballot will be necessary. However, if both vote to accept then this will be a most wise decision and a further ballot would be unnecessary.

anton said...

Vote till "they" get it right or bring out Bono and a Stones song so that it's cool to be for corporate control.