Friday, May 27, 2005

"New" Music

As a planner and a person who needs music I have put off buying and listening to certain bands/artists because I want to save this phase of musical discovery for a future moment. I have two artists on the list, Nick Drake and the Kinks, for a forced phase because of how impressed I have been with the little I have heard.

I started my Nick Drake phase yesterday with the purchase of Five Leaves Left. So far I am speechless. This record is amazing. I'm glad I'm not that depressed these days, talk about haunting and melancholy?! Which Nick Drake album next? I like to go in order. Which Kinks album first? Any other bands that I need to put on the list?


OscarTate said...

Nick Drake and the Kinks?! Have you heard of this band called the Velvet Underground? I hear they're good.


anton said...

Yes, I have had my VU and Elliot Smith phases but I am serious, which ND album next, and which Kinks should I start with?

Eric Beaumont said...

Re Nick Drake: a trusted friend always favored Bryter Layter [sp?]. I haven't heard much by dude, so that's all second-hand advice.

The first Kinks album you get should be The Kink Kontroversy, their last album as a Britpop band (e.g., 'Till the End of the Day'), and the first with truly exquisite songwriting (e.g., 'I'm On an Island').

IFStone said...

Village Green Preservation Society is my fave Kinks. The Kinks Kronicles (sp?) is a good overview, but it is a compilation.

Nick Drake, I would go with Bryter Later and then Pink Moon. Pink Moon is just him without all the extra instrumentation. Note that Richard Thompson plays on FLL.

Edk said...

I've always felt a little unhip because all the Nick Drake I've ever heard has been on car ads. Kind of depressing to think that after the kinks you are out of music. Try the Zombies -- Odessey (sic) and Oracle. "Care of Cell 44" is one of the weirdest songs ever. May not be worth an entire phase but a good, strange, record.