Friday, May 20, 2005

Cockburn on the Democrats

No, these days, we have the Democrats about to sell out on Social Security. They sold out last month on Chapter 7 bankruptcy. You know, they're incapable--even the most fundamental primitive efforts of protection of ordinary people are beyond them. They can't do it. I mean, I think they're a dead letter. They're a huge rotting albatross hanging around the neck of every single left person in this country. And the left are putting a handkerchief to their nose trying to ignore this festering carcass, dripping with worms, reeking, hanging around their necks: "No, it's not. I like it. It doesn't smell bad."

And it's just getting worse and worse. If you put Hillary Clinton and Laura Bush together, I'd vote for Laura Bush any day of the week. What's [Clinton's] program? It's build higher fences at the borders and join the militias in Arizona and drive the illegals out. That's points one, two and three of their program. She's calling for an attack on North Korea. She called for an attack on Syria. I mean, I'm just talking Hillary Clinton, because she comes to mind. But, I mean, how can you possibly even think of voting for this party?

So, what's that leave you?

I don't know. Not much. A few organic potatoes.

You know, people have to start thinking creatively. I mean, I think a lot of things can be done. All the best things in life have absolutely nothing to do with any real politics in the last 35 or 40 years.

So, why do you keep writing about it?

Why have I written about it? Well, you know, [Edward] Gibbon wrote about the fall of the Roman Empire. He didn't say it all ended well, did he?

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