Monday, May 09, 2005


The 60th anniversary of the end of the Great Patriotic War is today. 27 million killed. If it weren't for (I hate counter factualisms) this amazing sacrifice... Achtung! Schnell!



IFStone said...

Only on the Red and the Black! I came here looking for a post like this and you did not let me down!
So, like, George Bush is the first U.S. president to review a major military parade in Red Square ... you approve or disapprove? Of course he also has been suggesting that the U.S. and allies shoulda gone with Patton's idea and kicked some Russki fanny all the way to Moscow... yeah, that would've happened.
(Remember, War is Freedom)

anton said...

Dear Pacifist?,

Let's not forget why the NAZI regime ended in 1945, the industrialization of fuedal Russia, the planned economy, the arming of the Soviet state, the Red Army. Lots of Gandhi's died in the camps. The NAZI's understood and understand one thing, force.

As socialists we abhor violence and war and understand that the capitalist system leads to it because imperialism constantly needs to grow. That's why we want it to end. But this does not mean that we get into the cattle cars or volunteer for slaughter for Japan or USA Inc. We are not patriots, we defend ourselves however and know that the plutocrats that run this system will tear the entire thing down violently to defend their power.

Remember Fred Hampton! Rosa Luxemberg! Victor Jara! Remember the thousands of desaparecidos who went to their deaths by Washington's bullets! No Pasaran!