Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Blair Wants Thought Crimes Prosecuted

The current British government wants to arrest anyone who "glorifies terrorism." Let's hope Nelson Mandela, George Bush, Gerry Adams, Ariel Sharon, Alexander Cockburn, Daniel Ortega, Fidel Castro, Naomi Klein,.......................... don't take any holidays in the Britain any time soon.


OscarTate said...

Hilarious stuff. This is a joke, right? Particularly funny was the part where the Tory, William Hague (get it, Hague? HA!) accused Mr Blair of "ineffective authoritarianism." That's rich. "Waiter, the food here is awful. And the portions are so small." "Mr. PM, your law smacks of authoritarianism. And it's so ineffective." I wonder if I would be in the dock for celebrating the Gaspee incidnet in the lead-up to our revolutionary war?


anton said...

The law passed. No "glorifying terrorism" now in the UK.