Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Nanny Press

"The nanny media, even more prudish since 9/11, covers our millions of eyes to protect us from our own icky deeds. In Afghanistan in 2001, while covering a war that had officially killed 12 civilians, I watched a colleague from a major television network collate footage of a B-52 bombing indiscriminately obliterating a civilian neighborhood. "If people saw what bombing looks like here on the ground, " he observed as body parts and burning houses and screaming children filled the screen, "they would demand an end to it. Which is why this will never air on American television." But other countries don't have our nanny media. Europeans and Arabs see the horror wreaked in our name on their airwaves, assume that we see the same imagery and hate us for not giving a damn. America's self-censors make anti-Americanism worse."

Good column on the real threat, self-censorship.


semite1973 said...

I bookmarked you, "Anton," even though some of your links and stuff ... I srongly disagree with. But you knew that already. You'll probably feel the same about some of my blog entries. I don't have nearly as many links as you do. I suppose I should get cracking... My blog is a mix of politics, personal diary and shit that amuses me.

Rafael said...

so i was bored and started a blog.

themes so far(from 2 posts):
dan savage.

we'll see if i get into keeping it up or not.