Monday, February 06, 2006

A Lecture on Tolerance!?

Here's the official position on cartoons in Denmark from the Sudanese government. A government, by the way, that has just finished a 20 year Jihad against the Christian south (which conveniently is ending as oil has been discovered there) and currently is prosecuting an ethnic clensing campaign against a minority in Darfur. A plea for tolerence? This is from the BBC.

Dr Lam Akol is the Sudanese foreign minister. Sudan called for a boycott of Danish goods and called off the visit of a Danish minister

"There is a problem in that you need to be mindful of what other people think and believe and feel. The world is becoming like a village, you can't suppress what is being published in the West from the Third World."

Is he calling for the suppression of speech here? Should we all worry now about what we write because some lunatic in Atlanta or Ho Chi Minh City might be offended by what I say?

"It is very important when people want to promote religious dialogue and co-existence to avoid such issues."

Again, dialogue for what reason? So that a veto on offensive speech can now reign from any corner of the planet?

"In the Third World they hardly separate between what is a journalist and what is the Danish government's point of view."

Not just the Third World buddy. Lot's of rich country's also have pliant and state controlled or influnced media. And so what? Even if it is the majority's opinion that the holocaust doesn't exist or angels exist should we stop thinking or saying things because you might be offended?

"Once a Danish paper has published something then it is concluded that this is the opinion of everybody in Denmark. So that is the kind of feeling that should have been understood from the beginning."

Because people are misinformed we all need to change our ideas of freedom and actions to make the ignorant few (many?) happy. Now that's a novel idea (or is it?).

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