Saturday, February 25, 2006

Worldwide Spread of English Is Becoming Disadvantage for UK, US

Soon 2 billion will speak English on the planet. With globalization this gives an advantage to those who learn English as a second language.


Anonymous said...

Yes, many people around the world are adopting English, among others, as their second or third language. The U.S is a very monolingual society, but I have to disagree about the UK because a majority of its population is fluent in another language, whether it be a European language or otherwise. Their educational systems just stress language studies more so than American insitutions. And they can hardly isolate themselves with the use of language because an English Channel over there's German, French, Dutch, etc. Also, though Blair has kept his distance from the EU because of issues of sovereignty, he still cherishs the relationship he has with the EU, which recognizes over 13 langauges I beleive. Of course difficulties in multilingualism in the EU is another matter. Do you think this shift to adopting the English language will result in one big monolingual society?

anton said...

I do think we are heading in this direction. The main driver is technology and commerce. Some people will try to hang on to their heritage but the record so far is not promising for those who think this a priority.

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